Tracing & Intelligence

An increasingly large part of our work is – putting it simply – a “finding out” service for our clients. “Intelligence” covers a broad spectrum of work. Some of the more typical examples are:


In the majority of cases we offer a ‘no trace – no fee’ service.
Are you looking for a missing person? It may be a spouse in a marriage who has, to all intents and purposes, disappeared.
Has a tenant left your property with significant unpaid rent and just – vanished?
Is it important to find someone in relation to an immigration issue?
Is a former partner of yours jointly or solely liable for significant household debts and he/she is now nowhere to be found?
Has the mother/father of your client’s children moved away leaving no forwarding address?
Using a number of mix of databases in the public domain, a number of specialist tools in our industry, and throwing in a bit of good old-fashioned detective work, we are confident we will locate your missing person. Our success rate in this area of work is consistently high.

Of course we will provide you with the results without the subject being aware that his/her whereabouts are now known.

Probate, beneficiaries & next of kin
Are you looking for a beneficiary of a will, or the next of kin of the deceased? We will be happy to assist using the methods described above to provide a solution for you.

Pension reports

It is a surprising fact of life that, on the one hand, many who are entitled to a pension are simply not receiving it because their whereabouts are unknown to their pension administrators, and on the other hand, pensions continue to be paid (and received ) in some instances even after the pensioner’s death.

We offer a service to various pension companies who from time to time carry out exercises to ensure their pensioner records are accurate.

Employment history checks

Are you considering employing someone and you have cause to doubt the accuracy of their employment history, educational qualifications, or some other part of their CV? We will be happy to accept your instructions to enquire deeper into that person’s past.

Whilst some information is in the public domain, we advise in these instances that you ask the potential employee for his/her authority to carry out these checks, as the response is often illuminating.

Debtor checks

Does someone owe you or your client money? Do you have a judgement against him/her and are wondering whether it is worth the time and expense of attempting to enforce the order? We are able to establish, to a fair degree of accuracy, the current income and asset position of the subject of our enquiries – and importantly for the purposes of enforcement – without the subject knowing the enquiries have been made. This may well be vital to the success of an Attachment of Earnings or Third Party Debt Order application to the court.

Trading relationship checks

Are you, or you client, about to do business with a person or people and to mitigate risk you feel you need to know more about them – some due diligence is needed? We can carry out in-depth enquiries into a person’s credentials, including, but not limited to, their current and previous business interests, their house ownership history, and their associations with other people.

From our report you will gain a much clearer picture of whom you are dealing with, and certainly you will be able to see whether how they have presented themselves sits comfortably with what you now know.

Tenant reports

There are countless buy-to-let landlords, not to mention institutional landlords, who have lost significant sums of money at the hands of rogue tenants. It can take a long time to see eviction proceedings through to their conclusion, and in the meantime the rent is not being paid.

We offer a service that allows us to look much deeper into the potential tenant’s background, and in particular where there have been any previous tenancy defaults. Again, the tenant’s written consent and co-operation may be sought beforehand.

If we can help you with any of the above, or you have another ‘Finding out’ exercise that is causing you a headache – then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.